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Season 2 Launch

Today we launch our much-anticipated Season 2 Activewear collection. Fusing a mixture of photographs from my own travels, and collaborations between talented designers and illustrators we bring to you our latest line of artistic activewear.

This collection also features a brand new shape, ‘The Essential Tight’ and ‘The Essential Crop’ which have been carefully created after listening to all of your feedback from Season 1. We have perfected the waistband, changed the crop pattern entirely and ensured that these products will be the perfect all rounder for all active applications. They’re super comfy, moisture wicking, have the right amount of stretch and are just fabulous (well we think anyway).

Each print has a story, and bringing them to life is my absolute passion and pleasure. Secret Garden was photographed whilst exploring the lush green rainforest on the south coast of NSW, it reminds me of the clarity and peace that we feel when surrounded by nature. Optical Gem is a merged snapshot of my time in beautiful Bali earlier in the year; pink sunsets, glowing coral and stunning rock pools. Wild Thing was designed by my talented friend The Digital Weaver and inspired by our cheeky office dog ‘Nate’. Dark Romance was hand drawn by talented illustrator and friend Rob Yee and is our ‘riskiest’ print. It’s bold and honest and really explores the depths of romance and beauty. And my personal favourite Mercury was hand painted by me, one rainy Sunday afternoon whilst sitting on my garage floor drinking tea. Instead of trying to control the outcome I simply let the brush do what it wanted to do and the outcome is simply magical.

I (as always) am super proud of this collection and hope you all love it as much as I do. So much love is infused into every single design and every single thread and I hope you feel special in your new Kamuka pieces.

With love, Sarah XO